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September 26 2012



Paintball technique is very hard to develop, because it's difficult to really think when you're being shot at from your enemy. Hopefully we are able to correct that and advise you regarding better understanding the mindset to stay in while playing.

To the majority of effectively plan your paintball strategy, you have to be in the relaxed mindset. The brain and our body is set up with a "fight or flight" mechanism that helps control us once we feel threatened (in Paintball Games this is especially true). Having the capacity to control yourself in those situations is vital to your success in effectively planning and executing your strategy. To take action, try to work with these (keep in mind that it may need time and energy to transition yourself into this mindset, but it is well worth the effort and time required):

Stay in the mind that it's merely a game. Remind yourself that you won't die if you achieve hit by a paintball, and also the only negative consequence is you are "dead" in the game.

Observe the game weight loss like laser tag. On this sense, think about it being a relaxed game where you stand just tagging each other. If you are being shot at, think of it as a casino game of dodge ball instead of a gun-fight.

Even though above may seem a little weird, they've got helped me a good deal in teaching my head and the body it is just a game and that i won't die as a result. I've stressed the phrase "game" here a great deal because of its importance - games are fun; risk-free.

The next thing in our pair of Paintball Tips is always to discover ways to actually train yourself. The best way to go about this is always to plan each day together with your friends and merely mess around (no real games or anything, just firing at one another). During this time you will need to remember of the things in the list above. This will help you transition better.

As you become more and more comfortable, you'll want to start practicing your Paintball Tactics inside a real game. Although it may take several games to completely catch on, it's going to happen eventually. Consider it less losing but as learning.
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